Thursday, July 31, 2014

TEA5767N FM Philips Library for Arduino

Before starting a project with TEA5767 module I needed a library that helped me to understand all its functions. That was my motivation to write this library. It can be downloaded from Github repository:
It has several functions that let you conveniently access the main features of the board. There, you will also find a folder named examples with some uses for the library, including a complete application in the folder LCDKeyPadShieldAndRadioTEA5767Demo, that contains the source code and schematics for a shield.

And there is also my new post that describe this complete application and involves hardware and software.
It was initially developed and tested with Arduino Leonardo, but as it only uses I2C communication, wouldn't be a surprise if it works with other Arduino boards as well.

TEA5767 data sheet can be found here: Philips TEA5767 Data Sheet

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